Maximizing the view

Sometimes you walk into a property and you instantly know that you have a hidden gem on your hands. This Chelsea 2 bedroom 2 bath had been on the market for several months and need to have its furniture and design refresh.

The focus was to brighten up the living room and create an environment for entertaining. All heavy drapes were removed and we lightened up the entranceway by painting over a dark red wall with a light grey color.

Create micro-spaces

Whenever we look at a property we alway try and see what the buyer will see. Where will I eat dinner? How can I entertain in this space? Where do I put my sofa? With this perspective we can start to design. On this project we started with…

  • New artwork
  • New sofa and pillows
  • New rug and coffee table
  • A hit of green in every angle
The second bedroom before
The second bedroom after

The transformation from den to second bedroom was a real eye opener to the property owner. Having removed the dark and heavy furniture we brought in super white and light touches with hints of warm blue and green to pull the sky in from outside. Removing the heavy drapes in this room also allowed for more light to our new bedding and contemporary area rug.

Once we were done the property instantly received more traffic. The agent said within a few weeks he had already received much higher offers than prior to staging again proving that Aesthetics Sell.