Every property has its own special features that make it unique. As stagers it’s important that we not only identify these features but enhance them to ensure that buyers can see the value in the property.  

Living room with a view

This upper east side one bedroom had exceptional views both north and east through floor to ceiling windows. This made our jobs much easier, keep the windows clear and keep the room open and airy to ensure that nothing was in the way of the view.

Grey, chrome, white and glass were the materials and colors of choice for our one bedroom in the sky. A simple cow skin rug tied a tight living room together and a marble tulip table with wire chairs created a dining room where there wasn’t one before.

Simple hits of green on the table and on a column helped balance the space and brought in much needed green to compliment the richness of the floor coloring.

Instead of a signature wallpapered hero wall, a quick coat of grey paint, AKA “FOG” cleaned up the wall and made a perfect backdrop for the tufted headboard and shag rug.

Not as visible in these shots was our artwork which adorned virtually every wall. Typically these elements are better experienced in person as glass gives off glare so we rarely photographed the art unless it’s a necessary part of the scene.

In all the stageing efforts paid off. Traffic increased exponentially based on the new staged images. The clients received and accepted an offer within a few weeks, again proving that aesthetics sell.