Like so many small business stories, Return on Design was born out of a clients need.

We were approached by the seller of an expansive four bedroom property who was eager to sell but hadn’t updated their apartment in some time. The property suffered from a classic conundrum of needing more work than seemed justifiable. Our challenge was to transform the property into something that looked stylish and sophisticated which expressed what the property could be with a little investment, all in less than five weeks.  

Every surface would need to be refinished and with over 2,000 Sq ft of space we would need to work efficiently. An obvious place to start was to create a grand focal point from the minute you walked in the door. Nothing says grand like grand piano. This became our monochromatic music space, grey, black, white and more grey with a hit of green for contrast, and just enough seating to telegraph entertaining.

From there we focused our attention on a series of micro-spaces. A high impact entrance area which featured an oversized art piece to express sophistication and style.

Breakfast nook

Next was in the kitchen, but first the glass block wall had to go. When we were done a Flavorpaper wallpaper accent wall accompanied a Bonderup & Thorup Semi-pendant lamp centered over a white tulip table. Presto, instant breakfast nook.

After a little spit and polish on the kitchen we were in the final push to complete the four bedrooms. With the floors done throughout, a few new radiator covers here and there where needed and an oversized build-in removed we were closing in on our first open house. 

alternate master bedroom

Once all the work was completed it was easy to see the impact we had made. As we looked at the marketing photography the changes were incredibly impactful. We had the utmost confidence that this property was going to move quickly, and it did.

Two weeks after the first open house, we had an accepted offer with a signed contract.