Downtown, upscale

With views from the 20th floor we needed to remind ourselves to keep the windows accessible from every possible angle. First thing buyers will do at this height is walk straight to the windows to check out the view. There is no staging that will ever beat a view — we just need to funnel buyers there.

I spy with my little eye a well-stocked bar

We like to think that everyone entertains guests as much as we do, so a bar is always part of any staging. Why? Well, everyone wants to live a fun lifestyle and what’s more fun than surrounding yourself with friends who come with adult beverages. Clearly you will need a place to store these gifts… enter the bar.

The Big Apple

Round has always been our go-to dining situation and three is the magic number. Four chairs never fit well together as you always see the back of one and two just seems too small and not inviting enough. Another trick is the centerpiece, as it’s always nice to draw the eye to the center of the table so it pulls you in, not pushes you away.

Big art on little wall

We love big art (and we cannot lie). Not sure what else to say, it’s just fun. Open console tables help frame the setting but nothing says “welcome home” like art.

Spacious sitting

A sofa in a bedroom is a luxury that not everyone has in New York City, but in staging it’s all about aspirational living so we always try to work one in. Minimal, minimal, minimal was exactly what this room needed. Any more…would have been too much.